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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Collen Players present their Christmas music hall special

* The entire cast of Deck the Halls. 
All pictures: Jeanette Robinson

* Neil Barrett and Dave Lyne.

* Phil Robinson.

* Shea Ferron.

* Chairman Lee Taylor.

* Sue Stokes.

* John Williams.

* Helen Belton.

The Collen Players were back on stage at the Community Hall last night (Friday) to present their latest successful music hall and variety show.

Deck the Halls, their Christmas special, brought together a number of old favourites and newer performers, all under the chairmanship of music hall aficionado, Father Lee Taylor.

Eulanwy Davies was at the keyboard to accompany the various acts which ranged from singers to an hilarious comedy duo.

The chairman opened proceedings with his usual presentation of banter and music songs to help take us back to the naughty 1890s.    

First soloist up on stage was Sue Stokes with the haunting Scottish aires Skye Boat Song and Loch Lomond.

Neil Barrett teamed up again with Dave Lyne to take on their well-loved comedy personas of Barbara and Joyce, the old pals who just love to gossip about their world.

For the festive season they warbled out a specially-written piece poking gentle fun at the realities of another pandemic Christmas to the traditional tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Taking over the spotlight was Phil Robinson with a raucous rendition of nightclub ballad Fanlight Fanny and the much more subtle If You Were the Only Girl in the Girl.      

John Williams opened the second half with his jaunty version of music hall standard Pretty Little Polly Perkins.

Next it was off to London to hear Helen Belton present a beautiful interpretation of A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.

Popping up in both halves of the bill was talented young singer Shea Ferron with his powerful West End show numbers and the music hall piece I Was One of the Early Birds.

Neil and Dave were back to round things off in style with another hilarious musical adaption, this time of Barry Manilow’s Copacabana with lyrics featuring Llangollen Co-op.

The entire cast as usual said goodnight with two rousing choruses of Down at the Old Bull and Bush.

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