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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Mayor sends out a Christmas message to the town

* The Mayor, Cllr Austin Cheminais.

Town Mayor, Councillor Austin Cheminais, sends this special seasonal message to the people of Llangollen:

At this special time of the year I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the trials of 2021 and wish you and your loved ones a very special Christmas and happy 2022. 

We are still living in extraordinary times but we’re in a much better place than this time last year.  Hopefully we’re on the journey back to “how things used to be” and 2022 will see us at journeys end.


We are lucky to live where we do. Llangollen is a beautiful town in a beautiful place and I believe our community throughout the pandemic has demonstrated an inner beauty. 

Llangollen has some amazing volunteer organisations and individuals and they continue to offer help and support to others. Over the last, nearly, two years it has been so heart-warming to see people working together and helping each other, going the extra mile to ensure that those most in need are helped and supported and cared for.  These thousands of group and individual acts of kindness make me proud to be part of the Llangollen Community.


On behalf of Llangollen thank you to everyone who has worked hard to help others overcome the multiple hurdles that have come our way over recent times. We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of the essential workers who have been there for us throughout the pandemic. We thank you for your dedication, help and support.


Tourism is the life blood of our community and plays a major role in boosting our local economy. It’s been great to see visitors returning during the second part of 2021. The resilience of our local businesses during what have been difficult times is to be applauded.  I wish them every success going forward.


We live in one of the best places you could possibly live, so naturally there are lots of people who want to visit, enjoy and share what Llangollen has to offer; and recently we’ve had to re-adjust to seeing our roads and town being busier than ever. I’m sure that the completion of the works currently taking in place in and around Castle Street will help make our Town Centre even better.


After nearly two years of not being able to host events it was wonderful to see Llangollen emerging from lockdown in recent months with Dot Cinema, The Fringe Festival, Twenty Club, Llangollen Food Festival and The Collen Players leading the way. 

It’s been great to see Llangollen’s Silver Band out and about again, as well as local bands and entertainers. Thank you to all the volunteers that work hard to promote Llangollen’s reputation as a cultural hub and festival town. Hopefully they pave the way for a return to full programme of events in 2022.


It’s likely that 2022 will continue to bring further challenges but, as Llangollen’s community has demonstrated, if we work together, support each other and show compassion and kindness towards others we can overcome anything.


Take care and stay safe!

Have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Cllr Austin Cheminais

Mayor of Llangollen  

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