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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Water company says 'sorry' for garden flooding

* A stills picture taken from Steve Griffin's video of water
entering one of the SG Estates properties last Sunday.

A water company has said it is “really sorry” for an incident last Sunday which led to the gardens of new homes on a Llangollen housing estate being flooded following heavy rain.

Hafren Dyfrdwy are constructing a reservoir close to the new estate being built off Vicarage Road.

The flooding problem was spotted by former county councillor and mayor Stuart Davies who on Monday emailed Denbighshire County Council officials to complain, sending a copy to llanblogger.

In it he said: “Yesterday I went for a look at the top end of the SG Estates site opposite the Welsh Water (Hafren Dyfrdwy) site in Vicarage Rd.

“Water was pouring off it, on to the road, some of it going in to the gardens of the three new big houses, some of it being deflected by the new kerbstones down the new road to Willow Hill.”

Steve Griffin, managing director of house-building firm SG Estates, says he went out to the site immediately after hearing of the problem and shot a video of the water pouring into one of the new houses.

Referring to the film, he told llanblogger: “This is what was flooding one of our purchasers’ homes on Sunday. It came from the HD (Hafren Dyfrdwy) site.

“SG staff (including myself) went to site at 8.30am on Sunday to alleviate the problem by manually constructing a temporary damn to stop the flood getting into the new home.

“I’ve sent three emails to managers at HD requesting a response to our predicament but no reply.”

A Hafren Dyfrdwy spokesperson said yesterday: “We’re really sorry to those who had their garden flooded with rain water on Vicarage Road over the weekend, after measures taken to control the surface water at our construction site failed.

“We’re working with the housing developers and those who were affected, and want to assure everyone that measures will be taken to prevent this from happening again. Again, we’re sorry for any issues caused.”

llanblogger understands from Mr Griffin that he has a site meeting today with the water company's site contractors.

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