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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Brexit disagreement becomes major talking point

* The Brexit day picture which led to the exchange of  views.
The Brexit disagreement on llanblogger between Langollen’s county councillors old and new has become a major talking point, particularly on social media.

It started when llanblogger carried a picture last Friday sent by former town mayor and councillor Stuart Davies showing his yacht moored in Portugal decorated with the flags of Wales, England and Scotland to celebrate Britain’s official departure from Europe.
This prompted a response on Saturday from the town’s present county councillor, Graham Timms, in which he said: "It’s a pity that one of our former county councillors thinks that it’s a good idea to send pictures of his private yacht in Portugal to celebrate the split between Europe and the UK.

"We need to remember that 48% of the population (and rather more than that in Llangollen) are disappointed about the split."

And he went on to stress Llangollen’s long history of welcoming people from across Europe and the rest of the world.

The two stories, shared to social media, sparked a lively response from people on both sides of the argument yesterday.

Since then Stuart Davies has been back hit back at Cllr Timms’ contribution with: “Typical comments from a Remoaner, it shows the Labour Party of which he is representative, still haven’t got it!

“We live in a Democracy, the People Voted! His MP lost her seat because she didn’t listen to what the people voted for. I predict that his AM will lose his seat in the coming Welsh Assembly elections.”

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