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Monday, February 3, 2020

Kerry's business idea impresses local MP

* Simon Baynes MP meets Kerry Mackay in her Llangollen business base. 

A young mum who once had to rely on a food bank to feed her family is to have the product she invented tried out in the House of Commons kitchens.

New Clwyd South Conservative MP Simon Baynes recently visited Kerry Mackay in her business base in Llangollen and heard how she came up with the novel idea of producing Scrubbies, which are bio-degradable cleaning pads.

He was so impressed that he bought some to take with him to the Commons kitchen.

Mr Baynes had heard about Kerry from her local councillor, Trevor Bates, who represents her home area of the Ceiriog Valley on Wrexham Council.

He told the MP:  “I have been hoping to send you something about this remarkable young lady for some time.

“It is only recently that I found out that over Christmas 2018 and Jan 2019 Kerry was having to rely on the food bank to keep herself and young son fed.

“She persevered with her business developing and selling Scrubbies against the odds to reach the position today when her biggest problem is keeping up with sales demand.

“When our local MP attended the community lunch at Glyn Ceiriog I was telling him about her strength and determination and he asked to visit her office to meet her.”

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