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Friday, January 5, 2024

Police act after bout of anti-social behaviour in town

Police say they are putting extra effort into safeguarding buildings in Llangollen against a bout of anti-social behaviour by youngsters.

In a message on the Neighbourhood Alert network PCSO 2810 John Davies, of Community Safety Central, says: "North Wales Police are currently patrolling areas that include buildings that are empty and unoccupied in the Llangollen area. 

"Over the Christmas period we received calls that youths where trying to damage and access empty buildings. 

"Extensive work is ongoing to combat this issue which includes foot patrols, target hardening to the buildings making them safe and secure and also to work alongside the owners. Other agencies will be involved as part of partnership working.

"We don't believe the youths are from the area and that this could have been happening just over the Christmas period whilst being off school/college."

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