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Monday, October 10, 2022

Stunning new film highlights case for change at St Collen's

* A drone camera aerial shot of St Collen's place at the heart of the town featured in the film.   

Stunning aerial shots of St Collen's Church and the surrounding town of Llangollen feature in a new film just premiered on Youtube.

It was commissioned by the team leading the scheme to adapt the historic place of worship to meet the needs of the 21st century and who invite people to get involved.

The Genesis Project had a professional film-maker create the short video in which priest-in-charge Father Lee Taylor warns how St Collen's - dating back to the 7th century - could share the same fate as places of worship across Britain which have been forced to close, unless it makes a number of changes to create a more “flexible and inclusive” building for community use.

* Father Lee Taylor outlines the case for changes to the church. 

The project team is currently putting together an application for a substantial amount of Heritage Lottery cash to pay for the adaptions.

To a background of ecclesiastical music and interspersed with shots of the church plus stunning aerial sequences filmed with a drone camera, Father Lee stands in front of the altar and says: “The church dates back to the seventh century when Collen came here and parts of it are at least 13th century.

“It has got some amazing architectural features such as the medieval hammerbeam roof and the legendary Ladies of Llangollen’s tomb in the churchyard.

* The magnificent medieval hammerbeam roof.

“But we have to move forward in order to meet the social and spiritual needs of the 21st century and to do that we need to make some very big changes.

“Over the decades the Church generally has seen a downward trajectory in attendances and this has meant that a number of churches in Wales and in England have had to close.

“We don’t want that to happen here at St Collen’s, so what we propose to do is make a few alterations to the fabric of the building, taking away pews to make a space for a stage platform which will enable us to host more plays, concerts and school nativities and bring in more sections of the community.

“There is also a desperate need for toilet facilities and better heating and lighting to generally allow the building to have more flexibility and inclusivity, allowing people to feel part of this building when they visit.”

* An aerial shot of the tomb of the Ladies of Llangollen in the churchyard.

He adds: “The church has always been the focal point of the community and is always here to serve the needs of the community.

“We very much want our community in Llangollen to get involved with the Genesis Project. We’d love to hear from you – tell us what you think about it, whether you’d like to get involved.

“We very much want to see all organisations and groups coming into this building - which is your building – and using and using it to its full potential capacity.”

* Anyone wanting to find out more about the project or to become involved with it is asked to email the project team at:

* The film can be viewed on Youtube at:


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