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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Pentredwr group's success at counties show


Rhys and Siân Hughes with Cath Jones and Gill Britten at the Flint and Denbigh Show.

A community group showcasing their special project to make better use of a valuable natural asset landed a top prize at the recent Flint and Denbigh Show. 

Pentredwr and District Community Association applied for Lottery funding for the Hwb project which is now half way through its two-year life. 

The association has numerous community aims centred around rural isolation and depravation and one aspect members are looking at is local Welsh Mountain grade fleece, an underused, undervalued and sustainable, fibre. 

To help raise public awareness of this natural fibre and accompanied by Gill Britten of Gwlângollen, they took a stand to explain some alternative uses for hill grade fleece at the show.

And they were delighted to win one of the first prizes for their efforts.

Project co-ordinator Sian Hughes said: "We won one of the stall categories. 

"We were thrilled with this recognition, but even more so by the genuine interest from everyone who visited out stand. 

"The pure disbelief people expressed at the poor value which is placed on such a versatile and natural fibre was overwhelming.  

"We are determined to drive forward our mission to get Welsh Mountain wool the recognition it so deserves."

She added: "We are working towards securing community prosperity by developing rural skills and enterprise, addressing rural isolation, supporting digital inclusion and access to services thereby strengthening the community. 

“Sheep production is central to farming in the valley and surrounding area, and shearing is essential to ensure the wellbeing and health of our local flocks. 

“Exploring the wider uses of locally produced Welsh Mountain fleece is a key element of the work we are doing. 

“In total, there are almost 120 different grades of wool in Britain.  Within each style of wool, fleeces are graded by quality with judgements made across a range of characteristics.  

“Our local wool is a totally natural, durable, sustainable, biodegradable fibre which is remarkably deemed as next to worthless in the current market. 

“Prices per kilo for wool have been steadily falling for many years whereas years ago the annual wool cheque would have covered rental for a farm, today, hill grade fleece in our area achieves on average 13p a kilo, meaning a whole fleece is worth only 26-30p. 

“Each sheep costs at least £1 to shear. Shearing is a very skilled job and extremely hard work. In addition, many man hours are required to gather and sort the sheep during the shearing season." 

Representatives from Hwb Pentredŵr and Gwlângollen manned two separate stands at show.

* For further details of these follow Hwb Pentredŵr, Pentredŵr and District Community Association and Gwlângollen Facebook pages. 

Hwb Pentredŵr is also on Instagram. Websites:; and

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