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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Work on Sainsbury's store starts "within days" says report

The Daily Post is reporting today (Wednesday) that work is due to start in the next few days on the planned new Sainsbury's store for Llangollen.

For the full story, see:


  1. There's nothing in the Daily Post article to suggest that a Sainsbury's supermarket is imminent. The wording is all provisional. The developers have told the mayor that they are handing the site over to Sainsbury's, once their work has finished. As with other Sainsbury's projects in other Welsh towns, Sainsbury's could just as easily hand the site back to the developers. Now there is permission for a Netto type supermarket in the south Ruabon development (reported elsewhere by Llanblogger), then Sainsbury's,who have teamed up with Netto to compete for the Lidl/Aldi share of their market, will probably soon be a distant memory for Llangollen. How many will grieve?

  2. The September 2012 Daily Post article refers to DCC negotiating a ban on a café and butchers counter. In December 2012 DCC overturned bans on a café and allowed two food counters (a butchers and a delicatessen). The report by J Ross on the public exhibition in November 2011 states that if a café was included it would be very small and there was no room for food counters as the store is too small. The plans now include a large café and five food counters. What is the point of bothering with planning and how can we trust the County Council again?