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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bethan's project brings older people's memories to life

* Bethan Mascarenhas is leading a memories project in Llangollen next month.

A YOUNG storyteller from Llangollen is masterminding a special project to bring alive the memories of older people.

Bethan Mascarenhas has received funding from Age Cymru to run an inter-generational arts project at the Abbey Dingle care home in the town during May as part of a wider older people’s arts project called the Gwanwyn Festival. 

And she is looking for children aged seven to 17 to take part.
The project, based on the theme ‘I wish I knew then …’ aims to connect children and the older generation through storytelling and performance within the community.
It will be based on a series of workshops the first of which takes place on Saturday May 9, from 2-4pm, when young people will have the chance to learn journalistic skills which will enable them to gather stories from people living at the home.
At the second workshop, the following Saturday May 16 again from 2-4pm, the children will be shown how to develop their stories into a performance, which will take place a week later on Saturday May 23, from 2-4pm.
Bethan said: “The older generation with their long life experiences have tons of stories and knowledge to share with the younger generation.
“At Abbey Dingle children from the local community will be collecting and gathering stories from people living there to make an exciting performance called ‘I wish I knew then …’ and use it as a way to celebrate life and the stories that come along with it.
“The performance is open to the local community and we will be serving food and drink.
“We’d like to invite everyone to come along and share a unique experience as old and young come together to create something wonderful.”
She added: “Having children visiting the home is always an uplifting experience for the people who live here, they bring so much fun and energy which creates a wonderful atmosphere for everyone.
“I’m excited to see what work we can create and for the community.”
* Young people interested in taking part are asked to contact Bethan by emailing her at 

1 comment:

  1. What a fabulous idea! Many elderly people have short term memory loss but have sharp recall over events that may have occurred 60 years ago! Good luck to Bethan and the young people and the elderly storytellers what an excellent project! Lynn Charlton Blore Llangollen.