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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Plan to put Llan on the map

Llangollen Chamber of Trade and Tourism believes the production of a new town map is a good idea.

At their meeting at the Hand Hotel on Monday evening, chamber members were told by secretary Ian Parry about an approach he had received from businessman Mike Smart of Wrexham who aims to come up with a map on the same lines as the one produced for the recent Hamper Llangollen food festival.
A single-sheet publication, on one side it would feature a large scale plan of the town centre while on the other it would have a smaller scale map putting Llangollen into the context of the surrounding area.

Mr Parry said it was his information that the new map would be financed through adverts printed around the edges.
He stressed that the chamber was not being requested to help pay for the project but was simply being asked for its opinion on it.

A number of members gave their support to the idea, including Gill Thomas who said: “Websites are all very well but people like to have a piece of paper in their hands.”

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