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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 5 sparks busy night for fire service

North Wales Fire & Rescue has slammed troublemakers who it says put its own staff and public at risk on Bonfire Night yesterday.

The service has revealed that it received 74 calls into the control room between 6pm on November 5 and 7.30am on November 6, and attended 28 incidents.

However, no-one was injured in the region.

Calls included a number of bonfires left unattended and a large gorse fire caused by a firework in Holyhead.

Senior Fire Safety Manager Gary Brandrick said: "The number of calls received meant a busy night for our control operators and firefighters.

"These incidents, repeat calls and calls for advice received highlight why we are encouraging residents to attend organised displays and avoid letting off fireworks themselves.

"Many included unattended bonfires and some deliberate fires, which put unnecessary pressure on our resources – these incidents put the perpetrators, our firefighters and the community as a whole at risk."

Despite the problems, the service says communities across North Wales came together last night at  firework and bonfire displays across the region.

Gary Brandrick added: "We thank the public for heeding our safety messages.

"I was extremely pleased to hear that no one was seriously injured during last night’s celebrations in North Wales, and that the majority of residents took advantage of the organised firework displays across North Wales.

"They are the safest type of displays, have the best facilities and offer the best value for money.

"Bonfire celebrations see an increase in anxiety for senior citizens and pet owners, so attending community events helps reduce this distress."

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