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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Chain Bridge undergoes vital repair work

* Work taking place on the Chain Bridge.

The iconic Chain Bridge of Llangollen is undergoing vital repairs all this week until Saturday to ensure its continued safety and integrity. 

Llangollen Town Council has engaged the expertise of Beaver Bridges Limited, based in Shrewsbury, to execute these essential works, with a total investment exceeding £17,000. 

The decision to undertake these repairs follows a recent comprehensive survey, which highlighted several minor defects in the bridge's structure. 

While seemingly insignificant, if left unattended, these issues could lead to accelerated deterioration, potentially compromising the bridge's stability and safety. 

Commenting on the significance of the works, Llangollen's Town Clerk Gareth Thomas said: "These repairs were identified during a recent survey, where minor defects were discovered. Although seemingly minor, if neglected, these issues could lead to the rapid degradation of the structure. 

"The repairs range from fitting new deck boards to addressing minor plating and welding on some of the bridge's elements. 

"To ensure the efficiency and thoroughness of the repair process, the contractor is employing a combination of techniques, including roped access, to access and address all identified concerns comprehensively. 

"These are the first major works undertaken to the bridge since it was refurbished and reopened in May 2015. 

"The Town Council recognises the importance of preserving the historical and cultural significance of the Chain Bridge and these proactive measures underscore the council's commitment to maintaining the safety and longevity of this beloved landmark for both residents and visitors alike.

"There have been some diversions in place during the repair period, as some temporary disruptions may have occurred . 

"However, these inconveniences are essential to safeguarding the structural integrity of the Chain Bridge for generations to come."

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