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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

County council's statement on threatened bus strike

Denbighshire County Council has issued a statement on the threatened strike by Arriva driver's.

It says:“Passengers should be aware that there is the likelihood of Arriva bus drivers taking industrial action on and from Saturday November 13th. Arriva is working to avoid this action but passengers will need to consider their plans in case this goes ahead.

“If Arriva buses are not operating, this means that passengers who use Arriva will need to make alternative arrangements. This includes learners attending school or college if they pay a fare.

“For Denbighshire residents who are eligible for free school or college transport and who use Arriva, Denbighshire County Council is making every effort to find alternatives for them. We cannot guarantee, however, that every journey can be covered.

“We would advise residents to check social media for the latest position.”


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