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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Gales staff praised for their kind support during family's tragedy

* The Mayor hands over the letter of thanks to Gales staff. 

A grieving family has sent a glowing letter of support to the staff of Gales of Llangollen for the way they supported them when a lady took seriously ill while dining there one evening last month.

Robert Hyde and his father  George, from Andover in southern England, were holidaying in the town in August when tragedy struck.

Sandra, who was George’s wife and Robert’s mother, was with them at one of the tables in the wine bar when she underwent the medical emergency and Gales management and staff rushed to help.

Despite one member of the team, Kelly Philips, performing CPR and defibrillation on the her before she was taken to hospital Sandra tragically died at the Wrexham Maelor the  following afternoon.

Now Robert has sent a letter of deepest thanks for their “kindness and Christian charity” to wine bar owner Pip Gale, his mother Gillie and their staff which was officially presented to them by Llangollen town mayor Austin Cheminais yesterday evening.

The black-framed message, originally sent to Cllr Cheminais and the town council to be passed on to the restaurant, speaks not only of what was done for Sandra on the fateful evening but also gives fulsome praise for how the two men were looked after by the Gales team in the few days immediately after the trauma.

* The letter of deepest thanks from the Hydes.

Read out in the wine bar last night by the mayor It says: “Your unbelievable kindness and Christian charity during those traumatic days has humbled us.

“Everyone we have told about your support has been filled with both emotion and disbelief at the kindness you showed.

“The simplest acts of kindness can mean the world to some people but the support, kindness and sheer unselfishness shown by you and your team goes beyond any words we can write.

“It is important that the wider community understands exactly how you supported George and I, from the smallest gesture of a much-needed drink to the unbelievable acts of kindness regarding car parking and the accommodation charges.”

The letter adds: “We all know and understand the difficulties the recent Covid pandemic has had on the hospitality industry. This more than ever makes your support and gestures during those traumatic days in August even more humbling and worthy of recognition and praise from the community.

“Your kindness has reinforced our faith in human nature and firmly placed your beautiful town in our hearts.

“Please pass on our deepest heartfelt thanks to all your staff who supported us on that eventful day. Their support and kindness are beyond any words I can write.

“God bless you all and thank you for everything you did for us on the worst day of our lives. Without your help we would have been lost and may never have recovered.”

Pip Gale said after receiving the letter: “I am just very proud of all my staff for what they were able to do for this family.”     

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