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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

MP backs company's campaign for new life-saving machine

* Tom Robinson and Simon Baynes MP with lifesaving training equipment at TNR Outdoors in Llangollen.

Clwyd South MP Simon Baynes made a socially distanced visit to TNR Outdoors in Llangollen to lend his backing to their campaign to purchase and install a public access defibrillator outside the entrance to their business in case of emergency. 

He also saw the recent improvements made to their premises including a new training classroom and changing room as well as a new café and kitchen space.

Mr Baynes met Tom Robinson, a director of TNR Outdoors, at Mile End Mill to learn more about their fundraising campaign.

The popularity of their site for recreational paddling, professional courses and rescue training, plus its location mid-way along the popular whitewater section of the River Dee, as well as being on the outskirts of Llangollen on the main A5 route into the town centre, make it a highly appropriate location for a public access defibrillator.

This would be of huge benefit to paddlers and other river users, local residents and road users should an emergency situation ever call for one.

Tom Robinson said: “Our fundraising campaign is aiming to raise a total of £1,700 in order to pay for a brand-new Zoll defibrillator (£1,000), a lockable, heated cabinet which maintains battery charge (£500) and a qualified electrician and materials to install the equipment (£200). 

"The defibrillator itself is being purchased from the Welsh Ambulance Trust. We will also be offering free training for the use of the defibrillator.

"Thanks to the generosity of people and businesses locally, we only have £278 left to raise so please help us reach our target by donating via our fundraising page - Fundraiser for Tom Robinson by Tom Robinson : Public access AED at Mile End Mill (

Simon Baynes said: “I very much enjoyed meeting Tom again at Mile End Mill and seeing TNR Outdoor’s improvements to their facilities and hearing about their fantastic work in raising money to purchase a public access defibrillator. 

"By making defibrillators more accessible to communities, especially rural communities, we can save lives. This excellent initiative could mean the difference between life and death one day, and I’m very grateful to TNR Outdoors for organising this fundraiser.”

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