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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Ex-councillor's solution to Llan's recycling issue

* The Pavilion car park where the Saturday morning refuse collection service was based until it was shut down by the Covid crisis.

The lack of recycling facilities in Llangollen, highlighted during the current lockdown, has become a local talking point with calls for the Saturday morning facility at the Pavilion car park to be reinstated as soon as possible.

Here former Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies gives his views on the issue ...

Recently residents are up in arms on Facebook and are rightly concerned that the ability to use Plas Madoc for recycling has been stopped for Llangollen residents. 

I was part of the solution when the contractor who used to run the Llangollen Wenffrwyd site walked away because the entrance was too dangerous to get their large wagons in and out. 

We put in a system whereby we could use the Plas Madoc site and DCC wagons would be sent to the Pavilion on a Saturday to pick up rubbish as well. This has continued up until recently, with promises to put in a recycle centre for us coming to nothing.

Officers have allegedly recently said that they know nothing about these arrangements. However ,the Environment Scrutiny meeting records from October 2007 quite clearly show that DCC and Wrexham were in agreement to our use of Plas Madoc.

Steps now need to be taken to address the lack of facilities here in the Dee Valley, at the very least the wagon at the Pavilion on a Saturday morning needs to be re-instated immediately. 

The excuse that C9 makes it too dangerous and we should take our waste to Ruthin. Really?

It does not wash with me, there is plenty of space at the Pavilion car park for the operators to keep their distance and what is more dangerous, the public driving to Ruthin to the recycle centre there in close proximity to the operators or them coming to Llangollen where there is plenty of space?

I am calling on our members to get their act together and get the Lead Member and Environment Officers to get our service back ASAP and to re-open talks with Wrexham to reinstate our use of Plas Madoc recycling centre.

Stuart Davies

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