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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Scam letter warning from trading standards

Denbighshire Trading Standards are warning residents to be on their guard after a complaint was received about a Hong Kong Bank letter.

The letter, received through the post addressed directly to the property owner, advised that Bank, ‘CTBC Bank of Hong Kong’, had a client who had passed away leaving a substantial amount of money that they wished to ‘dispose of’ by making the addressee the sole beneficiary, all at the small cost of splitting the money 50/50.

Denbighshire Trading Standards is warning that this is a scam letter on a fishing exercise to try and obtain personal bank details. 

This scam letter has been cropping up from time to time for over 10 years now and in some cases people have replied.

Anyone receiving such a letter is advised not to reply and register the details with Action Fraud at  if they have internet access, or contact the Citizens Advice Service on 0345 4040506. People are advised never to give  out bank details to anyone they  don’t know.

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