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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

MP wins ATM cashpoint commitment

Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones has secured a commitment that all Post Office ATM cashpoint machines will stay free-to-use.

Ms Jones today (Wednesday) met in Parliament with Post Office Corporate Affairs Director Patrick Bourke and Director of Banking Services, Martin Kearsley.

Later, the MP (pictured) said: "I am concerned that as the banks consult on their cash machines and the Links network, we could be left in a position where fewer of the UK's 70,000 Links cashpoint machines are free to use. I personally believe the Government should legislate on this issue, but if it doesn't, small towns and villages could be hit really hard.

"For that reason, I asked to meet with senior Post Office directors to discuss their  take on the situation. Their commitment to free-to-use machines is welcome.

"Also welcome is the fact that the Post Office is starting to work with Credit Unions and developing new technologies to do so.

"This is really good news - as it means that in case of emergencies, say boilers or cookers breaking down, many Credit Union account holders will be able to access cash fast through the local Post Office. That is so much better than having to go to Bright House or high-interest loan companies."

She added: "As someone who made representations to the Government's Banking Protocol about the need to standardise access to bank accounts, I am also pleased to see that 99% of all UK consumer banking customers – and 95% of all small business banking customers –  can now access basic banking services, such as cash withdrawal, cash deposit and cheque deposits through the Post Office. That means locally that people don't have to go to Wrexham for their everyday banking needs."

Ms Jones also raised issues relating to how charities, community groups and local churches can use the Post Office for everyday banking, and discussed particular problems concerning access to Post Office services in the Maelor villages.

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