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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Louisa's second update from cycling marathon

* One of the colourful scenes Louisa has cycled past.

AN INTREPID Llangollen Operatic Society member is on her mammoth 280-mile charity cycling expedition through the Far East.

Back in 2012 Louisa Jones, 38, took part in a gruelling 260-mile cycling expedition through India in aid of three women’s cancer causes, raising over £3,000 along the way.

Now she’s climbed back into the saddle for the same three charities - Breast Cancer Care, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Action.

This time she’s joined a group of 70 women to cycle 450km (280 miles) from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Angkor Wat in Cambodia by February 17.

Louisa, who has already raised around £2,000 in sponsorship for the trip, will be sending in regular progress reports on the expedition to llanblogger.

Here is her latest update, covering days two and three of her trip

"Yesterday was one of the longest cycling days in our itinerary and took us over 60 miles along scenic routes through paddy fields and rural communities before heading into the city of Tra Vinh, where we stayed overnight.

The heat and high humidity on top of the distance made for a pretty challenging day all round and a couple of ladies required assistance from our team doctors along the way.

One of the highlights of the day was crossing a major suspension bridge on the outskirts of Tra Vinh. We then cycled on into the rush hour traffic, which resulted in a few hair raising  experiences in the chaotic traffic and some close shaves with the ubiquitous scooter!

Today was out third day of cycling and final day in Vietnam.
After a short bus transfer early this morning,  we set out on a 44 mile ride which took us on roads lined with rustic wooden dwellings, running alongside a tributary of the Mekong river. It was another extremely hot day, which made the hills we encountered in the afternoon seem even longer and steeper.

Sights along the way included ornate temples and breathtaking scenery, complete with a backdrop of rugged mountains. 

Yet again, people waved and called out to us as we peddled by and teachers allowed entire classes of immaculately presented school children to stand at the roadside and greet us with high fives and "hellos".

Our efforts were finally rewarded when we reached the bustling town of Chau Dok and were shuttled up a hill to our accommodation, which had the most stunning views across the province and was a prime vantage point for sunset.

Tomorrow we have a day off cycling and will take a 6 hour boat ride up the river and into Cambodia, arriving at Phnom Penh, where our journey will recommence on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it but will certainly miss this stunning, peaceful country."

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