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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More fairy tales from Llan author Adrian

* Llangollen author Adrian Farrel's two books of fairy tales.

As his second book of fairy tales is published Llangollen resident Adrian Farrel says he just can't stop writing as new stories keep popping into his head.

Adrian's latest collection, More Tales from the Wood, contains another 18 original tales.

"Just as in my first collection, these are fairy tales with the same smell and sound of the ones with which we grew up, but they all have a twist or a satisfying ending," he says.

In this collection you can meet the Fisherman who stubbornly refuses to be in debt to the wizard, you can enter the Chocolate Shop that is only sometimes there, and you can see inside the world of The Shapeshifter.

You can also learn the difference between a gnome and pixie, and why you should never confuse either of them for a faerie.

Some stories, like The Little Mermaid and The Emperor's New Clothes, give a new slant on familiar tales, but most of the stories just seem to be familiar because the essence of a good fairy tale is so deeply ingrained in all of us.

Adrian adds: "These stories are like those by the Grimm brothers or Hans Christian Andersen, but a whole lot more fun.

"We don't need sanctimonious or pious tales in today's world. What we need are stories that reflect how life is or how it should be. That is what I have tried to achieve, although sometimes you may have to sit back and let the subliminal message sink in."

And Adrian, whose day-job is with telecommunications companies standardising how the Internet works, is continuing to write.

He says: "I seem to be at my most creative when I am travelling for work. On a recent trip to Korea I managed to complete three new tales, so it looks like I am well on the way to book three!"

"Tales from the Wood and More Tales from the Wood are available in Llangollen from the Courtyard Bookshop and from Zingiber.

They can also be bought online from Amazon or direct from the publisher at

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