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Monday, November 21, 2016

Guide aims to keep children safe online

As part of helping parents know how to keep their children safe online, the NSPCC and O2 have developed a guide, primarily aimed at parents of 8-12 year olds, about the social networks, apps or games with an interactive element that children use most frequently.

The purpose of the guide is to provide parents with the information they need to understand their child's online world and help them keep their children safe on line.

North Wales Police are in full support of the guide. 

Det Inspector Eryl Roberts of the force’ Protecting Vulnerable People Unit said: “With the ever increasing number of Apps, games and other links on line it’s very difficult for parents to keep track on what their children are viewing and whether or not it is suitable and appropriate for their child.

"We're encouraging parents to use the site and explore what other parents and children are saying which will help empower them to make their own decision and ultimately help keep their children safe”

* Net Aware can be found at

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