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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Deal done for Dobson & Crowther's assets

* The assets of Dobson & Crowther have been bought by a Telford-based firm. 

A Shropshire-based company has confirmed that it has bought the assets of Dobson & Crowther printworks from the administrators.
Rumours about a possible deal had been circulating about the fate of the firm which moved into a purpose-built factory at Cilmedw earlier this year.

Llanblogger contacted the company mentioned in connection with a deal, Mail Solutions Group which has its head office in Telford, to confirm whether this was the case.
And we have now received an email from one of its directors, Phil Reid, which said: “I can confirm that our company, Mail Solutions Group, has indeed purchased the assets of Dobson & Crowther from that company's administrators.”

Llanblogger is now trying to gain further information about the purchase and what it is likely to mean for the Dobson & Crowther factory and its remaining workforce.
Dobson & Crowther went into administration in early June with 55 of its 79-strong workforce being made redundant.

Llangollen county councillor, Stuart Davies, said: “I heard a few days ago that there might be some good news about the future of the company.

"Now it seems that events are still unfolding and I am still concerned about the future of the workforce and the factory building.

"I am awaiting a definite update."

According to its company website, Mail Solutions Group was established in March 2000 and has evolved into a major independent manufacturer of envelopes and print in the UK and India.
From its headquarters in Telford, Mail Solutions says it offers a broad range of value-added solutions for all your envelope and print requirements, from stock envelopes and bespoke envelopes to business forms and tickets.

The website says: “The foundations of our success is the company's ongoing commitment to providing a quality product and service to each customer, which is reflected through our high levels of business retention and continued client growth.”

Comprising of five subsidiaries across two divisions, the group has over 300 highly trained employees and generates a combined turnover approaching £40million per year.

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