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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Government issues statement on Llan roadworks

* The roadworks on the A5 where temporary repairs have now begun. 

The North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent, which operates on behalf of the Welsh Government, has issued a statement to residents about current roadworks in Llangollen.

This deals with temporary lights on the A5, around Tyn y Wern, and on Berwyn Road.
The statement says: “The North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent, working on behalf of the Welsh Government, manage this section of trunk road, and due to the detection of movement and distress in the carriageway it was closed to two way traffic on the 12th December 2014.
“This closure ensures the safety of highway users and allowed investigations to be undertaken to identify the reasons for the movement and to provide information for the design of temporary repair works. 

“It is appreciated that the lane closure has caused some inconvenience and delay to residents, businesses and users of the A5 and the adjacent roads. To mitigate this, the traffic signals are being operated manually at peak times to minimise queuing, and additional signage has been installed to limit obstructions to entrances and deter traffic from seeking diversions on unsuitable roads, such as Maesmawr Road and Birch Hill.

“The works to temporarily strengthen the retaining walls will commence on the 1st June 2015 and will continue for 6 to 8 weeks. During this period pedestrians will be prohibited from using the footway within the roadworks, however pedestrian access to Birch Hill and Maesmawr Road will not be restricted. It is anticipated that the A5 at this location will be fully opened to two way traffic in time for the International Eisteddfod on 6th July.”

On the temporary lights in connection with the supermarket development on the A5 Berwyn Road the statement says: “This new store development is underway and will include carriageway closures to two way traffic to allow for safe execution of the works to construct a new access to the store and essential statutory undertakers diversions.

“Temporary traffic signals will be in place from 1st June to 3rd July 2015, operated manually at peak times and removed at weekends where possible. Traffic signals will also be required between 13th and 17th July 2015 to complete final re-surfacing of the new junction/access to the site.

“The developer is doing all he can to minimise disruption to traffic whilst these works are underway, including re-programming the works to avoid any restriction to traffic during the International Eisteddfod week, 6th to 12th July  2015.

“Your continued patience and cooperation on this matter is much appreciated. Additional information can be found on the Welsh Government Traffic Wales website:

Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies commented: “The agent originally applied for a temporary lane closure last August.
“This road has now been closed for the best part of six months and I’d like to know why making even temporary repairs has taken so long.
“I’d also like to know why, if they knew this job was going to last so long, they haven’t kept local people better informed about what’s going on.

“We’ve been treated like mushroom men with the way we’ve been kept in the dark and getting information has been like drawing teeth every step of the way.”   


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