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Monday, September 29, 2014

Free garden waste collection service pruned

Denbighshire has announced the council’s free garden waste collection service will be ending on 16 January 2015.

It will be replaced with a new (optional) service, which will be available for a fee - less than £1 per collection - (£24 per year) from 30 March onward.

This means that our garden waste collection service will be funded by the residents who choose to use it.

Every one of the 35,000 households affected by this news will receive further information, and details of how they can opt-in to the scheme, says the council. This information will be delivered to each household in the autumn.

Cllr David Smith said: “A number of other councils up and down Wales already charge for this service. Here in Denbighshire, we have held out as long as possible, but next year’s cuts in Welsh Government funding are so large, that we are now running out of options. 

"In Denbighshire the proposed budget settlement is likely to mean we need to find some £18m in savings over the next two years. This figure is our current working assumption based on the latest information available from the Welsh Government."

Over recent months, the council has scrutinised all aspects of its work, with all services putting forward proposals for cuts and £4.6m approved by councillors at full council on  September 9.

All proposals have been subject to debate by council and further proposals will need to be worked-up over the coming months in order to achieve the savings target, the authority warns.

1 comment:

  1. This seems pretty sensible. The council have no choice but to make savings.
    > 50p per week isn't a vast sum - price of a newspaper
    > Not everyone has a garden - this doesn't affect those people
    > The people making the waste, are the ones paying - this seems fair.

    I'd actually welcome being charged separately for all my waste - then if my family threw less out, we could get charged less.