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Friday, April 11, 2014

Isherwood backs UK staying together

Speaking at the Welsh Conservative Party Conference in Llangollen today (Friday) North Wales Assembly Member Mark Isherwood emphasised the importance of keeping the four nations of the United Kingdom together.
Mr Isherwood, Shadow Minister for North Wales, Local Government, Communities and Housing, said that Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England are better together as part of the United Kingdom.
He told delegates: “On the 18th September our Scottish kin can vote positively, to keep our family of nations united, celebrating our glorious diversity together - or negatively, to destroy our United Kingdom, divide its peoples and diminish all its parts.
“Let us look to our cousins across the globe, from Australia to North America, who are proud unionists - but equally proud of their own individual state governments and legislatures.
“We love the energy and personality of our Scottish brothers and sisters  – and our heartfelt plea to them is 'Please don't go'.
“Although the separatists have appealed to a romantic vision of Scottish independence based upon popular entertainment rather than real history, most of the debate has focused on hard-headed economic and constitutional issues. But, this is a matter of heart as well as head for we proud, passionate Britons too.
“We love every part of our blessed Isles – and stand in horror at the thought of we Britons being riven apart. This is not about a snapshot of the competing policies of different parties at a moment in time. This is about whether our UK should be united or destroyed. This is about whether we should celebrate our glorious diversity as one or smash it apart.
“The nationalists seek to divide and diminish every component part of our United Kingdom, achieving what centuries of would be conquerors have failed to do. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England are better together within our United Kingdom.”

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