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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Local MP welcomes Bedroom Tax scrap pledge

Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones has warmly welcomed Labour leader Ed Miliband's pledge that an incoming Labour Government would scrap the Bedroom Tax.

"David Cameron's Bedroom Tax is both unfair and unworkable, and it is costing many local families dearly," said Ms Jones.

"This tax affects disabled people and their carers; people who would have gladly down-graded to one bedroom properties but no such properties existed; families with children serving in the armed forces and many more.

"The Bedroom Tax is a policy that could only have been dreamt up by a Government stuffed full of millionaires.   

"A Labour Government would have very different values. If Labour is elected at the next general election, I am pleased to say that the Bedroom Tax will be scrapped." 

Ed Miliband yesterday (Friday) said the policy would be funded by scrapping a tax break for hedge funds and the Treasury's new shares-for-rights scheme.

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