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Monday, January 28, 2013

A quick guide to planned high speed rail link

The great rail hub of Crewe would be the key to linking North Wales to Britain’s new high speed rail line (HS2) announced today by the UK Government.
The proposed route of HS2 links Birmingham with Manchester and Leeds via stations in the East Midlands and Sheffield.
The Government says HS2 will “revolutionise” our railways, create thousands of jobs, bring major cities closer together, generate investment in neglected areas and provide passengers with an unprecedented travel experience.
HS2 will connect with the West Coast Main Line at Crewe, meaning key destinations like Liverpool, Runcorn and Crewe would benefit from direct services.
The Department of Transport says: “By calling at the key rail interchange of Crewe, HS2 would also become easily accessible for passengers in North Wales and elsewhere.”
The line would connect with the London-West Midlands leg near Lichfield in the West Midlands, before heading north-west past Stafford and on towards Crewe.

A connection with the West Coast Main Line would be provided just south of Crewe, with the main line continuing in tunnel under the town heading north.

It would cross over the M6 and then the M56 before heading past Warrington to a further connection with the West Coast Main Line south of Wigan.

The Manchester stations would be served by a spur off the main line running roughly parallel with the M56 towards Manchester Airport.

A new airport station would be located between Junctions 5 and 6 of the M56 as the line approaches the main built-up area of Manchester.

Heading north from here the line would enter a seven-and-a-half-mile tunnel, surfacing a short distance from the new station alongside the existing station at Manchester Piccadilly.

Total route length would be around 95 miles.

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