Sunday, March 19, 2023

New Hill Street junction 'dangerous' claims concerned resident

* The resident's pictures of the junction soon after contractors moved out on Friday.

The local resident who recently predicted problems with the re-worked junction of Hill Street and the A5 has taken pictures of how it looked soon after being completed.

And he says these bear out his warnings that the scheme would cause general congestion and be dangerous to pedestrians.  

It was on January 9 that contractors on behalf of the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent began work on upgrading the traffic lights and realigning the junction, providing signals to the pedestrian crossing phase.

The job, which also involved removing the bollard island at the end of Hill Street was originally due to be finished six weeks later on February 17.

It was then announced the work, controlled by temporary traffic lights on the A5, had over-run and would take until March 9.

Later there was a further extension until last Friday when the work was finally finished. 

Early in March a concerned local resident who wished not be named contacted llanblogger to warn that the work could lead to congestion and would be a danger to pedestrians trying to negotiate the junction.

He said he had tried to warn the Trunk Road Agent about this but had been ignored.

Late on Friday, soon after the contractors moved out, he was at the junction taking pictures of how it was working.

And he contacted llanblogger again to say: "I took my pictures over a 10-minute period.   

"You can see cars blocking the junction at every red light and occasionally at green light. 

"Cars have to pull out on wrong side of road. A car exiting A5 to Hall Street cuts across cars on Hill Street, a car doesn't see the Keep Clear marking and obstructs it. 

"There was lots of beeping and complaints from drivers and pedestrians. 

"It is dangerous for pedestrians and causes general congestion due to the removal of the old island/roundabout." 

Denbighshire County Council has been asked for a comment.

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