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County council candidates introduce themselves

Soon after nominations for the Denbighshire County Council elections were announced llanblogger issued an invitation, via the blog, to the candidates for the two Llangollen seats to send in their biographies/manifestos to help readers decide who to vote for.

Up until Friday's submission deadline only four of the six candidates had sent in any information. They are:

Stuart Davies - Independent candidate

I have been a Town Councillor and County Councillor for several terms since 1995. I have wealth of experience as a councillor and “know how to get things done”. 

At the moment there seems to be a disconnect between Denbighshire County Council (DCC) and Llangollen residents. Residents find it difficult to access and engage DCC.

If elected I want to give residents more voice and direct access to their County Council, to make sure their views and concerns are taken in to account properly. 

If elected I promise to do what I have always done and that is to be available at all times to residents, by phone, email or social media. 

I will call for a website review with the emphasis on easy resident access to the areas they want. 

If elected I want to make phone access easier and simpler for residents and my aim is to ensure that the One Stop Shop resource is always there.

The things I will concentrate on in the first 100 days are:

Waste and Recycling. The new rules on black bins which are causing concern at the moment, in the absence of a Waste Strategy Plan for the Dee Valley I aim to work with the DCC Head of Service to address this and  to revisit the Plas Madoc issue. In the interim I will request DCC to provide more resident access to the Pavilion site without the need to book a slot in advance.

* Parking in the town centre and the 2020 scheme should both be subjected to a review of the effects following completion of the works and changes made if required.

* I will also push to make a start on near town parking provision.

* I will carry on the campaign for an environmental weight restriction on the Town Bridge.

* I will continue to campaign for the Green Dee Power electricity generation project which I started as a Town Councillor, as well as for more Electric Vehicle charging points in the town centre.

I will support the Llangollen Riverside Park local community group at DCC level to attempt to get the funding and support they are requesting.

* The Horseshoe Pass reduced speed limit recently came into being. I will call for a review after a year in operation to determine if it has been effective in reducing accident rates. If it has not achieved the desired results, I will call for a review of historic and current data and a push for enhanced solutions.

Karen Edwards - Independent candidate 

I grew up in Llangollen and am familiar with the issues that affect the town and surrounding community.  I am a truly independent candidate with no affiliation to any political party. 

I have previously served the local community in various roles. As a Town Councillor I initiated the purchase of land around Castell Dinas Bran to protect our heritage.  

Between 2013 and 2018 I also worked with local businesses to raise money for the improvement of the Christmas lights to enhance the character of the town during the Christmas period, and I was part of the team that delivered the Centenary Square project.

I assisted with the campaign to secure access to a proper waste recycling site. Over 1000 residents supported the campaign but there has been no agreement to date. If elected I will encourage Denbighshire County Council to renegotiate with Wrexham County Borough Council for an access agreement.

My key priorities are:

-     * Protection of our heritage, culture and environment

     * Providing affordable housing through the re-use of derelict/brownfield land

-  * Sustainable tourism that acknowledges the needs of local residents and businesses

-  * Traffic management and parking that properly serves the interests of our businesses and residents

-     * Ensuring that decisions take into account the climate change agenda

* I will ensure a common-sense approach to the challenges facing our community. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope I can count on your support.   

Paul Keddie - Independent candidate

Firstly, I'd like to thank the dozens of residents who have been in touch to wish me well since I announced I was standing to be your new County Councillor. 

I am the only candidate standing in both the Town and County Council elections, this shows my level of commitment.  I want to be the strong voice in County Hall that you deserve

I have a strong track record of putting our community first. I am a Director of the Llangollen Fringe Festival, I volunteer as a Stage Manager at the Eisteddfod, I organise the monthly Comedy Nights and am a member of Llangollen Town Council. 

I will always fight; fight to improve our town and villages, fight to keep Council Tax as low as possible and fight for our fair share.  

Whether it’s promoting our tourism and events, fighting for more police, fixing our broken roads and pavements or a 2 hour round trip to get rid of our waste - I have a plan to finally get to grips with these issues. 

I have a record of action and a promise of much more. 

On Thursday, 5th May, please support me - PAUL KEDDIE - a real Independent.

Sarah Marshall – Green Party candidate

The caring community, thriving business and cultural life of our town inspires me. I want to protect what’s great for future generations, balancing the need for all residents to have safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

I live in Llangollen (since 1992), have two Welsh educated children, their father is a local organic livestock farmer. I have worked for over 30 years in NHS, Local Government and Public Health. 

Community roles included:

· Outdoor pursuits instructor, Tyn Dwr YHA

· Youth Club Leader

· Secretary - PTFA

· Production team - Llangollen Community Panto

· Choreographer - Llangollen Operatic Society

· Volunteer - Friends of the Eisteddfod 

Key Green Party principles:

· Affordable housing and work opportunities

· Access to excellent local food/produce

· Renewable/affordable energy.

I am committed to the following goals, aligned with DCC 2030 Net Zero strategy.

1. Ensure the Council prioritises tackling climate and ecological change in decision making.

2. Improved biodiversity (pollinators, wild-flowers and trees) of local greenspaces and access to thriving natural settings.

3. Local business development, contributing to a circular and sustainable local economy.

4. “Fit for the future” active travel and public transport options for residents and visitors, including accessible electric charging.

5. Improved local recycling facilities. 

The other two candidates are:

* Butters Dawn Welsh, Conservative Party 

* Jarvis Roger Welsh. Conservative Party 

In the last county council election in 2017, the two councillors elected for Llangollen were Graham Timms of Welsh Labour 659 votes (29% of votes) and the Independent Melvyn Mile with 658 votes (29%).

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