Friday, December 29, 2017

Railway's mid-winter event

Llangollen Railway will offer a 45 minute train service from 0930 on Saturday with a mix of steam, diesel and railcar trains to provide family fun for a mid winter event when not much else is happening.

A railway spokesperson said: “Our end of year gala finale will soon be with us on 30th and 31st Dec.

"A mixture of Steam, Diesel and Railcars will be thrown into the mix to produce an intense timetable for all to enjoy.

"Whether it be a Crack Express or a Trundling Goods, a Small Tank engine or a Burbling Diesel, we will have it all for you. All stations will be open along the line to enable you to alight from your journey and sample the wonderful delights which all our Tea Rooms have to offer.

"So jump aboard when we wave the flag and blow the whistle and set off into a Winter Wonderland along the picturesque Dee valley”
The timetable is at:

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