Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Come clean on animal welfare", says Labour candidate

Susan Elan Jones, Labour candidate for Clwyd South, is urging all political parties to come clean on animal welfare issues.

Ms Jones, who is a supporter of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "Many residents who live in our beautiful rural constituency of Clwyd South are strong supporters of animal welfare.
"People are especially concerned about the prospect of a return to the bad old days of packs of dogs being allowed to rip foxes to death, and new badger culls.

"The Conservatives and Plaid are so out of step with people in our local community on this issue. The Tories want new votes on Parliament on this issue and the Welsh Nationalists are keen to back them,

"Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards has even gone so far as to tell a national newspaper that he wanted the law in Wales to change so that packs of dogs be allowed to flush out foxes - and unbelievably, he described the Hunting Act as "a spiteful act against rural communities."

"The Tories and Welsh Nationalists may not think these issues matter, but for many of us, animal welfare is a vital concern. I am proud that a Labour Government brought in the Hunting Act and I believe that all candidates and MPs should take a proper stand against animal cruelty."

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