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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Road closure sparks message to traffic chiefs

* The road closure on the A5.

Mike Edwards, of Llangollen Cittaslow group, has written to Wales traffic chiefs about the long-running road closure on the A5 on the eastern approach to Llangollen.

In the emailed letter, copies of which he has sent to Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones and AM Ken Skates, he says:

"I understand that you have recently distributed an information leaflet to `certain"residents' in the vicinity of the A5 closure in Llangollen.

I feel it is disrespectful to all residents of Llangollen and the Dee Valley that the carriageway on this section of road has been closed since November, 2014 and only now have you given selected people information on why this action was taken.

You will no doubt have appreciated that this is a tourist and commuter route through Llangollen and used by residents travelling South towards Shropshire and the motorway network beyond Shrewsbury. The closure is causing unacceptable delays for residents which will be compounded next weekend when the holiday traffic intensifies coming to and through Llangollen, now we are in British Summertime.

It is further difficult for residents because the A539 Mill Street which provides access and egress to town from the other side of the valley has been and will be subject to temporary traffic control where BCHUB are constructing a new Medical Centre(I appreciate that this highway is under the control of Denbighshire CC). Minor routes through the Pengwern Vale are also subject to closures denying access to and from The Ceiriog Valley.

My main complaint is that you have taken actions to close a Public Highway without consulting nor advising residents in our Community why this action has been taken causing immense disruption for residents many who work outside the valley.

I fully expect a jargon riddled reply, but would be pleased to hear your explanation in the hope that it will be helpful to the people of Llangollen and the Dee Valley. I hope that your reply will provide useful information particularly how long this issue is likely to take to resolve bearing in mind that the International Eisteddfod is only  three months away. These issues must be causing great difficulties for the Emergency Services!"

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