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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Skates seeks measures to cure A483 "pinch point"

Assembly Member Ken Skates is hoping the Welsh Government will examine ways of easing traffic at a known pinch-point on the A483.

Mr Skates, the Labour AM for Clwyd South, has written to Transport Minister Edwina Hart to ask whether there are any plans to alleviate congestion at the McDonald’s roundabout near Chirk.

“There have been problems there for a long time, and I know the traffic can be extremely frustrating for many of my constituents,” said Mr Skates.

“The Chirk McDonald’s is one of the busiest in Britain and the roundabout acts as an entry point to the Dee Valley, as well as one of two access points for Chirk, so congestion at rush hour can be considerable.”

Response ...

Reference the above story, I am sure residents of Llangollen welcome Ken's intervention in this matter because there are several traffic issues of concern at the moment:

1. The main issue with the A483/A5 is the death trap sections of three lane carriageways between Ruabon and recently enlarged roundabout at Oswestry. The bridge over the Chirk Valley has a particularly bad accident record and requires urgent attention such as a speed limit, average speed cameras and a ban on overtaking to prevent further deaths;

2. The A5 out of Llangollen has for some time had a set of temporary lights causing long delays, but there seems no start imminent on rectify this problem;

3. On the other access/egress road into town, on Mill Street there are also temporary lights causing a delay for residents and visitors. These works are part of the scheme recently revealed to endeavour to improve access to the new Medical Centre particularly for pedestrians, wheelchair and pushchair users. However the scheme which is costing the Health Board £70,000 does not address the pinch point on Mill Street where there is no pavement on one side of the highway:

So there are a number of traffic issues causing immense difficulties for Llangollen residents and no information is being provided by Denbighshire CC to the public about what is being done to resolve the problems. 1 and 2 above are directly within the control of the Highways Department who seem to treat the public with total disrespect and fail to consult or provide information as to what is proposed. I had to resort to a Freedom of Information request to obtain details of the Health Board's Scheme and I call upon the Proper Officer at Denbighshire to provide Council Tax Payers with a full explanation of what is being considered and proposed to resolve these issues which adversely affect residents and Llangollen's role as an inland tourist destination?
Mike Edwards

Further response ...

In addition to Mike Edwards’ analytical piece, I’d like to remind and let people know there’s a Community Initiative in progress which might rethink the unthinkable and provide a radical solution which could never in all likelihood come from beyond the community itself.
It’s a Crowdfunded scheme which means everyone can contribute with a simple donation and everyone will be able to participate – a refreshing change from the usual approach of a study undertaken without public involvement then shown to the public in what’s usually mislabelled a ‘Consultation’. The details are here:
The fund is growing steadily. If the required total isn’t achieved, everyone gets their donation refunded. That’s guaranteed.
Making our own decisions - what a good idea!
Martin Crumpton

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