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Friday, February 20, 2015

County council statement on school transport

Denbighshire County Council consulted with parents during the summer of 2014 regarding a review of home to school transport and subsequently revised the School Transport Policy.

Cabinet members agreed at that time to move to central pick up points for secondary school pupils from September 2015 onwards.

Therefore, commencing September 2015, secondary school transport will be from a designated pick-up point in the mornings and pupils will be returned to the pick up point in the afternoons.

A council statement says: "Denbighshire County Council will not provide feeder taxis to pick-up points and therefore if a child has been used to a feeder taxi to the bus, or a taxi direct to school, they should be made aware that the arrangements are changing from September 2015.

"It will be a parental responsibility to ensure that the child safely reaches the pick up point in a timely manner in the mornings and safely reaches home after disembarking from school transport in the afternoons. Please note that school transport will not be able to wait at pick up points if parents are late arriving, either in the mornings or the afternoons.

"During the summer term we will write to parents of all pupils currently receiving free school transport to give details of designated pick up point and times of collection and drop off.

"The pick-up point will be no more than 3 miles from the pupils home address and for many pupils it will be considerably closer.

"It will be up to the parent/guardian to decide the most appropriate method for the child to travel to the pick-up point, as well as whether or not they need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. We reserve the right to review these pick up points, and we will give appropriate notice of any planned changes to pick-up points.

"There may be exceptional circumstances for some individuals where no suitable pick up point is identified within 3 miles of the home address, in which case a home pick up may be agreed.

"Transport requirements for pupils with additional learning needs will continue to be assessed individually."

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