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Monday, November 18, 2013

Resident jailed for not paying council tax

Failure to pay council tax in Denbighshire will not be tolerated- that’s the message from the county council following the latest prosecution case.

This week a Denbigh resident received a 27-day prison sentence for not paying council tax arrears totalling £1,410.

She had failed to make payment in line with an order given by a magistrate at a previous hearing.

Councillor Julian Thompson-Hill, Cabinet Lead Member for Finance, said: “Despite warnings and orders from an earlier magistrates court hearing, the defendant continued to avoid paying council tax.

“Taking people to court is very much a last resort for the council. The majority of people pay their council taxes on time, but some individuals continue to avoid paying and this financial pressure is then borne by the law abiding residents.

“We appreciate that a number of people may have difficulty in paying their council tax and we ask they contact the Council at their earliest convenience to discuss a payment plan. 

"The majority of people pay their council tax on time, but a small group of people wilfully do not pay their council taxes on time."
* Anyone who has arrears but have not made any arrangements to pay can contact the Council’s Recovery Team, on 01824 706321.

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