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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Former Dinas Bran pupil has spell working in Brussels

* In the European Parliament in Brussels are Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans and Deian Timms.

Since 1999, Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans has welcomed many young people from Wales to the parliament in Brussels.
The latest of these is former Ysgol Dinas Bran student Deian Timms of Llangollen who has spent six weeks in her office working as an intern. 
Jill Evans, whose office is in Wrexham, said: “It's important to give young people from Wales the opportunity to see how the European Parliament works and how Wales can play its part, and it has been a very fulfilling part of my job to be able to offer many young people the opportunity to gain valuable experience in Brussels and Strasbourg.
“This helps to raise the profile of Wales in Europe, and scores of young people have been able to gain an insight into working in the EU institutions.”
Deian is 22 and graduated last year from Cardiff University, where he studied Spanish.
He was a pupil at Ysgol Dinas Bran until age 16, then went to the Maelor School in Penley for A-Levels.
He said:  “Being part of Wales' representation in Brussels is proving to be fascinating. Seeing the red dragon and hearing Welsh spoken amongst the many other languages here was initially quite surreal. Wales is a unique part of the rich tapestry of cultures of Europe, and reflects the EU's motto United in Diversity.
“Even after six weeks, I'm still in awe at the sheer scale of everything, and keep having to remind myself that the EU is made up of over half a billion people.
“As well as committees and voting, there are a number of other interesting things going on. During my first week there was a temporary gallery of Welsh screen-prints set up in the main entrance to the building, something facilitated by Jill Evans. Just in the past couple of days I've been to an event about Catalan culture and a film screening by the Swedish Pirate Party!
“Working with Jill and the rest of her team based both in Brussels and back at home in Wales is a pleasure. I have been welcomed warmly by the team, and working alongside such a committed and experienced politician as Jill Evans is an inspiration.”
Jill Evans MEP added: "Deian is making a valuable contribution to our work here, and making the most of the opportunity.  Showing off the talent of Wales’s young people is a great plus point of my job   I will continue to fight for Welsh interests as an MEP for Wales and part of that task is ensuring that the voices of our young people are heard in Brussels and Strasbourg.”

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